Fundraising Opportunities

    Kicking Horse Coffee can help with fundraising . . .

    Is your school or non-profit organization looking for a great way to raise funds?
    Try it our way — your group sells Kicking Horse Coffee and your group gets the profit.
    Kicking Horse Coffee is an easy sell, especially when your customers have our five best-selling blends to choose from.
    (For Canadian schools and non-profits only.)

    Here’s how:

    • Enrol for our fundraising program.
    • Schedule a 2-to-4-week selling period.
    • Have members pre-sell coffee to friends and family, collecting money in advance.
    • At the end of your sales period, gather the order forms and money and tally them all together.
    • Place your final order with us by email, fax or phone.
    • We offer free shipping — allow 2 weeks for delivery.
    • You distribute the orders to your fundraising team, they deliver coffee to the customers.
    • Your group keeps the profit.

    There. Simple hey?

    Now, let’s put the fun back in fundraising.