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    Attitude + Altitude = Folks full of beans.

    Kicking Horse Coffee management staff, (including owners Elana Rosenfeld, centre, and Leo Johnson, second from right,) share a laugh outside their high-altitude coffee roasting plant in Invermere BC, Canada.

    Bean dare, done dat.

    Inside the Kicking Horse Café in Invermere BC, Canada. Our table top designs match the blends on the bags and cans. Our café and coffee keep uncommon consistency.

    Rocky Mountain sky.

    Western Canada’s Fair Trade success story lives here, at the Kicking Horse Coffee roasting plant and Café in Invermere BC. Now Canada’s #1 Certified Organic, Certified Fair Trade coffee, Kicking Horse offers 14 blends plus several 'geographical' coffees that celebrate the distinct flavours of coffee from around the world.

    Where it’s at.

    Where we’re at! The Kicking Horse Coffee roasting facility and café, near the Rocky Mountains in Invermere BC, Canada.

    Yes we can.

    Six of the most popular Kicking Horse Coffee blends now come in cans that you can reuse or recycle. These cans are North-American-made from recycled steel, look good in the kitchen, and keep your coffee fresher, longer. Blends available, left to right, back row: Hoodoo Jo; Cliff Hanger Espresso; and Z-Wrangler. Left to right, middle and front row: ; Three Sisters, Kick Ass; and 454 Horse Power.